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So...just what is the Unlimited All-Stars? For the on.

The Unlimited All-Stars was originally created in 1990 to preserve the then dwindling open classes on the dirt tracks in Western Pennsylvania.  For quite a while, the Unlimited All-Stars concept was only applied there.  In 2001 the concept was tested on tracks in Florida.  As a result of success there it later spread to Arizona, Georgia and the Carolinas.  It has continued to grow, and as of the beginning of the 2012 season, there are at least 21 officially recognized circuits across the country, and more are sure to come.   To read the complete history of the Unlimited All-Stars concept click on “History” in the directory above.

The Unlimited All-Stars (UAS) is a national club that represents a single class or division for kart racing that combines a wide variety of engine types.  Those engines are limited only by their maximum displacement; otherwise there are virtually no limits to permissible modifications.  The class was developed primarily for competition on short dirt oval tracks although the rules have been applied successfully on other tracks as well.  Obviously, karts such as these are capable of a very high level of performance and therefore the class is intended only for experienced drivers who have proven themselves capable of safely competing in a sportsman like manner.

Due to its nature, the Unlimited All-Stars is not a class that everyone will want to participate in; it’s definitely not intended for everyone.  Racers who are eager to try new and sometimes radical technical ideas feel right at home in the UAS.  The rules contain a set of parameters, and emphasize safety but were intentionally written to allow and encourage innovation.  No matter what class other racers participate in, they all head for the fence and bleachers when UAS guys fire up their engines. It is the kart division that has the potential to fill the stands with ticket buying fans.

Recognizing what appears to be a strangle hold that some manufacturers appear to have over many karting organizations, the UAS refuses to adopt any rule or policy that mandates that any particular brand of product be used by participants.

Ingenuity / Camaraderie / Sportsmanship

Above all, karting is supposed to be fun, not just for the winner but for everyone who participates.  Sportsmanship is the hallmark of the UAS.  Of course winning, even dominating the competition is indeed the goal, but in the UAS there is no honor in winning if the winner’s competitors despise him or her.  The attitude of a true UAS competitor will not allow him to take advantage of a “cheap shot” to advance in position because just as important as winning is, it is the camaraderie with fellow competitors that keeps them coming back, race after race.  It is demanded that track officials are especially firm with UAS competitors and they are to use the black flag when it is called for.  UAS regional administrators are expected to communicate with drivers who may not be driving in an acceptable manner and coach them to improve.  They are also expected to promote a high level of camaraderie among their members.

There are many successful racers in other divisions who had lost the challenge and thrill that kart racing once provided them.  The UAS, with the innovation that it allows and encourages, has renewed their interest in kart racing.

The UAS, as an organization, does not usually promote events on their own, rather they work with promoters who see the promotional value of the UAS to organize events.  By UAS policy, individual promoters have the ultimate responsibility of administering events.  When the UAS drivers are placed on the card for an event, they are the guests of that particular race track.  With the exception of post race technical inspection the UAS does not typically provide any race officials.  The Unlimited All-Stars provides the promoter with a suggested set of policies and rules, negotiates pay-offs, schedules races, provides recognition for participants and publicizes events.  In essence, the UAS was originally set-up as a representative primarily for drivers and race teams.

Awards and Recognition

One of the primary functions of the Unlimited All-Stars is to establish a central contact point for managing the affairs of the UAS participants.  In 2007 a National Ranking system was put into place to allow UAS racers from across the country to see how they measure up in relationship to their peers. In 2008 drivers who wished to be included in the national ranking system were required to become UAS members. This allowed an awards fund to be established to provide prizes and recognition for the members.  In 2010 a new point system was established that included a national season concluding Grand National event that racers wishing to aspire to the National Champion title must compete in.

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